In 2020, the Fed has already printed about $ 3 billion, while the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has reached $ 449 billion.

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More people and companies get interested in digital assets, regarding them as an alternative to the dollar, which loses its value from year to year.

This leads to a logical question: “What platforms can be used to interact with cryptocurrency assets and which of them are trustworthy?”

A quick solution to the problem that the user may encounter is also important. In 80% of cases, the support service does not respond immediately due to the heavy workload.

This is especially true for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Therefore fully automated services in which all operations are completed in a second are most preferable for users.

Why I choose Z-Pay

Confidential payment system Z-Pay is a fully automatic service where the influence of the human factor is minimized.

  • Since 2018 Z-Pay has been providing services for financial transactions with cryptocurrencies and fiat units
  • All transactions take place instantly and without delays
  • Perfect 24/7 work
  • Automation of all processes
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Not a single negative review
  • Support of all major cryptocurrencies and fiat
  • Variety of high quality services, including a built-in multi-currency wallet, anonymous check, etc.
  • Instant cryptocurrency exchange
  • No commissions for internal transfers
  • Fast transfers (input and output)
  • High level of confidentiality
  • Reliable API
  • Referral system, etc.
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How to start using Z-Pay

Go to the site:

To enter your personal account, you must register.

Click “My Z-Pay wallet” and pass a simple registration procedure:

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By going to the tab in the upper left corner, you can read information about Z-Pay, look at the “answers to questions” tab, read the service rules, etc.

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Z-Pay social media

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Official website:

Subscribe to us and be the first to receive news:


On the Z-Pay website, in the “Our Contacts” tab, you can contact us on various issues.

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