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Recently, Pam and Russ Martens published an interesting report in the Wall Street on Parade, which comprises data on the US Central Bank, which has pumped into economy $ 9 trillion since the 4th quarter of 2019.

Confidence in traditional currencies is gradually declining and we are no longer surprised when other national currencies also depreciate.

Look at the graph to see how currencies have performed relative to gold since 1944.

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The emergence of new playerssuch as cryptocurrencies made many investors pay attention to this type of asset.

And today, with printing presses are turned on to support the global economy, even the most ardent opponents of cryptocurrencies are converting part of their assets into digital currencies, including companies as well.

Here are just some of the more recent ones:

  • Stone ridge
  • Coin shares
  • MicroStrategy
  • Galaxy Digital, etc.

6 days ago, the British company Mode Global Holdings announced that it transferred 10% of its funds to Bitcoin.

We could not even imagine such news 5–7 years ago, but today they appear regularly.

Now let’s look at the growth rates in the world. Today 11357Crypto ATMs have already been installed worldwide, although in 2017 there were no more than 1000 of such installations.

* A cryptomat is a device similar to an ATM, but the only difference is that it is meant for buying / selling cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency exchange

The problem of fast and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies is persistent. All seems to be all right, but at least once a year we witness one or another exchange being hacked and large sums of money withdrawn.

One of the latest was the Hong Kong crypto exchange KuKoin, which was attacked by a hacker. Result: $ 150 million lost.

We advise you to carefully analyzethe platforms that buy and sell cryptocurrency, and choose those that have been working reliably for many years.

A confidential payment system is just one of such platforms where special attention is paid to quality, safety and speed.

So, what makes Z-Pay different?

Z-Pay service

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Z-Pay offers its users to buy or sell cryptocurrency in seconds.

All major cryptocurrencies are supported by the Z-Pay system.

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Quick registration

It is very easy to start using Z-Pay.

  • Go to the official website:
  • Click “My Z-Pay Wallet”
  • Create a login, enter your mail, create a password.
  • A verification code will be sent to your mail, enter it in the window that pops up.
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So, you are in your personal account and now you can instantly exchange cryptocurrency.


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Click to “Create a new wallet”:

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In the window that pops up, choose the currency you need to exchange.

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This list is quite comprehensive: all major cryptocurrencies, rubles, dollar, pound, etc.

For example, let’s take Monero (XMR) and click “Add Wallet”.

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We click on Monero and a list of operations that we can perform appears in front of us.

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We will show you an instant cryptocurrency exchange using the example of XMR (Monero).

We have $ 50 on our balance and we will buy XMR for the whole amount.

To do this, select US Dollar and go to the “Exchange” tab

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  • Select the amount you want to exchange
  • Choose the direction (we chose Monero)
  • The amount to be received will automatically calculate the cost at the current exchange rate.
  • Click “Exchange”
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The exchange has been made and Monero is already on the balance in our wallet.

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Next, we will exchange XMR for BTC, ETH and Dash using the algorithm described above.

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Thus, we can make as many exchanges as we want within the Z-Pay system, using the most popular digital assets and traditional currencies.


Z-Pay payment system is an extensive network of products, each of which has unique features.

Fast exchange, instant transfers — this is just one direction that many users have already appreciated.


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